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our story.

In 2008 God gave Richard this vision of servanthood while we were in ministry in Atlanta, GA. We had an established business called B-Complete and in March 2020 the Lord said to change it into a 501c3 organization. The service we utilized did not do transfers, so we had to establish a new entity and amid a pandemic, Birthing Completeness Outreach, Inc. was born.

We then applied for our 501c3 in October 2020 and in December 2020 we tested positive for COVID. What we thought was a nightmare turned into a blessing! God began to pour out the urgency, entities, and details of HIS vision for HIS ministry. Needless to say, HE had already won the victory over COVID and we recovered.


In February 2021 our 501c3 was established and we were favored with a Kenosha Sam's Club grant in March 2021 to get started.


what we do.

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